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Foreground is a MediaWiki skin that puts your content front and center!

This has to be the most beautiful MediaWiki skin yet. Kudos! — Andrew Howden


Goodbye Tables

Powered by the Foundation 5 framework (v5.5.3) Foreground offers an intelligent Grid that allows you to achieve complicated page layouts without resorting MediaWiki table syntax.

Responsive Grid

Nothing in Foundation will limit your responsiveness. Design your templates and pages right and you will have a mobile delight! Try it right now, make this window small! I dare you!

Semantic MediaWiki Ready!

Foreground has class definitions to extend into Semantic MediaWiki and Page Forms.


Foreground MediaWiki PHP
REL1_41 141+ 7.4+
REL1_40 1.40.x 7.3+
REL1_39 1.37.x + 1.38.x + 1.39.x 7.3+
  • The code repository is located on Gerrit, with copies on Phabricator or GitHub. Do NOT use the precursing repository previously hosted solely on GitHub at a different location.
  • When updating to REL1_41 make sure that you place the skin in ../path/to/skins/Foreground/.. instead of ../path/to/skins/foreground/... Otherwise the skin will break. On REL1_39 and REL1_40 this used to be the other way around.



Foreground is hosted on Gerrit! Go there and you can clone the repository and set it up on your MediaWiki site! See also the Foreground page on <>.

Simple customization

CSS Easy Settings. You can easy customize color of your head style.

Mailing List

There is a mailing list for Foreground that you can use to stay up-to-date on Foreground and connect with other users of the skin. There is also a respective mailing list archive you may browse to learn about past discussions.

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